Life in the sandwich lane

A little window of time just opened up … my most excellent and handsome partner just took the baby next door to visit his folks, and I finished my lunch (my staple salad) and I have an hour until the girl needs to be picked up from school. Where. to. start?

The last week has been insanely busy and difficult on so many levels. When I started this blog exactly a week ago, I had as my goal to post three times a week, which I think is a reasonable amount given my life. Hahahaha. On retrospect, I see how I was tempting the universe with my hopeful scheming and dreaming. Well played, universe. You win again.

It started when I booked flights for our migration north. My hunky and hardworking other half got word that work is starting at the end of May and he is needed for a busy season. It’s great news — we need a good season for him in order to continue paying down the debt we still owe on the truck and trailer, and when we get back up north I will officially be 100% without childcare, so we can’t count on any substantial income on my part. Even if we could find child care for both kids (finding care for a little one under 18 months is all but impossible), the cost of it renders any income I could earn basically nil. It’s just not worth it. Also, this time around I want to raise my own babies, not pay somebody else to to it. I know exactly how lucky I am that this is even an option for me.

So, we are heading up north: four humans and two canines. The problems started in transporting the two canines — I didn’t realize that the first airline I booked with has a pet embargo after May 15 (I should have known), and instead of calling to book the dogs within 24 hours of making the booking, I got distracted blogging and then got busy with life, and didn’t call until Saturday — only to find out the dogs couldn’t come, and I’d passed the 24-hour refund period. Ugh. A $300 hit cancelling those flights.

So Saturday was basically spent on the phone, cancelling one set of flights and booking another with a different company who will fly the dogs, but only part of the way (which I only realized after the flights had been booked). The last leg is with company #1, and because the flights were booked with company #2, they will not take the dogs. So I had to call back to try to cancel the second set of flights, only to have them tell me that I they would not refund those flights (even though it was within the 24 hours) because I booked on the English language website. I didn’t find out that reason until I finally got a response to the complaint email I eventually send at the end of a very long, frustrating day of calling, waiting on hold, being transferred & cut off, calling back & waiting on hold again, explaining the situation again, etc. Your typical modern day airline call centre nightmare. It was awful, and so, so draining. In the end, we will take the flights that gets the dogs only 2/3 of the way to our destination, and the man of the family will have to escort the dogs on the remaining part of the journey (an approx. 10 hr drive, which some dear friends of the family have offered to make for us). All is more or less well that ends well, if you consider 3 flights (the middle one a 5 hours redeye) with two 3-hour layovers with two small children in tow to be anything resembling “well” …. I’m preparing for an 18-hour long nightmare, during which I will be fantasizing about how much better next year will be, when we make the journey over land (pleasepleaseplease let it be so).

Just because the whole flight booking situation wasn’t quite enough to remind me how I am 100% not in control of anything, and to remind me to stay humble and and accepting of the bumps in the road, the universe decided to throw in some rather intense parental care/health stuff into the mix. It had been brewing for a while, and I was simply unaware of the emerging situation until it all hit the fan on Tuesday. I’m kicking myself for not realizing until it was almost too late, but we are lucky and nothing bad happened and the situation is (getting) under control. There are still things to figure out, but we are on the right track.

So, I haven’t been doing much horse stuff, except for an awesome (and much needed) afternoon ride with the family on Monday to my favourite spot, the lookout point at the far end of the bay we live on. It’s an amazing view in all directions, and a nice ride to get there.

It’s hard to see the incline, but this is the access road up to the lookout point. My guy is hauling a large child in the trailer, with the smaller one on his back. The dog is enjoying his first ever family ride (he’s only 9 months old, so we haven’t been doing long or intense exercise with him until fairly recently, and even then just sparingly for his young growing body) — he was a rock star about the whole thing. And there’s my sweet ride, Mika, also being a rock star on this rocky road with her unshod feet. I think this ride was the first time on this road that she didn’t feel “ouchy” without shoes. Her feet are looking really good barefoot, and I’m gearing up to get in one full trim on her (my first solo trim) before she goes to pasture for our away season, which is coming up in only three weeks (!!!).

Aaand, my writing window just ended (actually, it ended about 2/3 of the way through this post, and I’ve just been blatantly ignoring both kids for the last 15 minutes or so in order to finish it). Ah, life in the sandwich generation…. Maybe I will post again soon, but just in case let’s not hold our collective breath, mmk?

In the meantime, here I am posing with the littlest stallion (Mika’s 2 year old colt Nemo), whose days as a stallion are quickly coming to an end so that he can be turned out to pasture with his mom in a couple month’s time. I thought it might happen this morning, but general consensus was that he needs a few more weeks for the huevos to fully drop, so he gets to keep them for the time being. Still, I got some good snuggles in with him, which is a huge treat considering that Mika is not a snuggler (more on her sad back story another time, and how I came to realize that she will never love me like I love her).

rays of love and pony eye goop

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