That room pictured in the last post? I am in it again, happy day! This time, papa took the kids to visit a friend and drop off some freshly-made adobada sauce, and I stayed home at the trailer to work. Also, the trailer pictured out my dinette/work desk window has been hauled away, after an afternoon with several overly-face-and-neck-tattooed people showing up, followed by a night of many loud vehicles coming & going, and a full-on crazy fight inside the trailer this morning as we ate our breakfast at said dinette. We left to run some errands after breakfast, and when we came back early this afternoon, the trailer was gone. As I write this, it looks like the second long-term trailer parked in the site beside us is being looted and/or packed up to move. Never a dull moment at the trailer park.

Anyway, my radio silence of the last couple of weeks is because I’ve been SLAMMED with work. I know, it’s a good problem to have. It’s a little bit less of a good problem when you don’t have a super awesome and/or reliable child care situation, but I’m figuring it out. And by figuring it out, I mean that I’ve hired the younger sister of the nanny of my sweet friend (because once she was off work and home packing her house to move next month, and her oldest home from school, my little dream situation came to its natural end) and now I have this lovely 19-year old girl coming to the trailer so I can work on my laptop while running away from the demanding oldest child–a situation which has seen me working in the cab of the truck several times while drama queen daughter stages a level 10 tantrum because I didn’t get her the things on the list she made (which included, for reference, the following totally reasonable things to put on a shopping list:

lip stick
big castle
princess clothes and bed
real dog
sparkly dress
sparkly shoes
nail polish

Luckily the weather has been super crap lately so I’m not boiling myself alive while trying to find some place where I can shut out the screaming/demands while I let the new babysitter figure it out. So far, she’s doing a pretty good job, considering. Good thing, because I don’t really have time to help her out because deadlines.

So work has been good. It will be better when I actually have time to submit my hours and get paid. That little detail is high on my list this week.

In other news, we are moving about 300km west to a small (tiny) village on a lake. I’ve never been west of this northern city, unbelievably, so I’m excited to see a new part of the north. I’ve been checking out the RV park online, and it is right on the lake and looks gorg, and quite a bit less sketchy than our current location (*hopes and prayers*). I’ll be there for a bit more than two weeks before starting the long journey south to meet my folks and drop off the kids, and then more south, ALONE–omg what even IS that??– for the Running Wild retreat.

Which reminds me of another bit of exciting news: baby boy is officially, fully weaned–over a week now!! And my boobs almost don’t hurt any more. And we also got rid of our queen mattress on the sagging, crappy base and replaced it with a new, actually flat and not sagging (!!) base and a new (KING SIZED!!) foam mattress, which I love so much it’s hard to explain how or why I can love a mattress/bed that much. Honestly, combined with the black-out curtains I made (including one for the skylight, because my technical skills with a sewing machine and fabric scraps apparently know no bounds), and some beautiful sheets my friend gifted in exchange for the queen mattress (which is really quite nice, especially if you had an actually functioning base under it)–I want to marry my trailer bedroom and live there forever, because it is that awesome. I love snuggling with my babies AND having enough room to get away from them and get comfy. If you are dedicated co-sleepers like we are, king sized is the only reasonable option.

Before we all get too excited about sleeping through the night or anything, THAT still hasn’t quite happened yet. Baby boy doesn’t demand night boob any more (oh sweet relief), but he’s not quite at the solid 10-12 hour sleep like his big sis quite yet. But it’s coming. Plus, I have 2 weeks of solo sleeping coming up to look forward to. I mean, obviously I’m looking forward to so much more than just the sleep potential of this trip, but I’d be totally lying if I said that it wasn’t in the top 5 of things I’m about which I’m currently Very Excited. But papa & crew just got home, so the top 5 will have to wait…

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