Day 10: sad goodbyes and the long journey home

The last few days of the retreat went by so quickly that I think all of us experienced a similar, head-spinning thing when all of a sudden it was the last day and we were wondering how it happened so fast. I had a handful of nice short & easy sessions with Lulu, and in the last session as I was working on shaping her nose to fist targeting, she started to linger a bit with her nose just *barely* touching my hand, which was super cool and made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to think that she was starting to be comfortable enough with the contact that she wasn’t pulling away and stepping back immediately. I have a feeling that she’s going to progress rapidly with Maddy and I’m really excited to keep following her journey.

We ended our last day with a gathering at the teepee Maddy has on the bottom pasture near a pond where a couple of beavers live. We hung out by the fire for a bit under an almost-full moon and then held our closing circle inside the teepee with the sounds of the beavers splashing in the pond and the horses close by. There’s something so magical about sitting in a circle inside a teepee, listening to those sounds of the creatures outside and sharing space with a group of people who are each in their own way undergoing a metamorphosis, getting ready to step off this bridge between before and after. We’re all connected now, having come together as strangers and parted as friends, and in a way that is the best gift of all.

And while it was sad to leave my new friends, and to say goodbye to the mares and the ranch, and the stunning landscape surrounding it, I am so ready to get home to my babies. I still have a long journey ahead of me, and lots of time to reflect on what I’ve learned & all the magical things I’ve received through this experience. I have a feeling I will be back here one day… In so many ways, this feels like the beginning of a journey and not the end. ❤

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