a room of one’s own

It may come as little shock to any of my long term readers and/or real life friends that I have a love affair with my daily planner (I used to be faithful to Moleskin, but my affections have wandered to a cheaper/more generic weekly hardcover) and I keep fairly detailed notes on what’s happening in my life — both planning out the happenings in advance, but also recording the things that actually happen (which usually involves crossing out a lot of things that I planned but didn’t get done). So I know at a glance that this is week 4 up north, and it’s also my first week with child care — which means that for the first time in more than a month, I’m logging some actual paid work hours (as opposed to the unpaid, never-ending work of caring for a family).

Pictured above is today’s office in the trailer because my man has the day off and decided to take the kids park-hopping. But the rest of the week (and for the next month or so, fingers crossed), I’ll be working behind the closed door of the guest room of a sweet friend who offered to nanny-share in her home. We’ve had two days with the nanny so far, and it’s really the most perfect child care situation I could imagine for right now. The kids are happy playing with a close friend we’ve known since birth, the nanny is a gentle & sweet young woman, and the guest room is a perfect place to sit by the window with a view of the cauldesac below, where I can leave the truck parked in the shade with the dog kennels in the back so as to scold the hounds if they start barking at the mail delivery person. And even though it’s just a few hours a day, for just four days a week, I am so enormously grateful for the time and space to work.

Being as minimalistic & mobile as we are, the idea of a room of my own is a bit far-fetched. In Mexico I have a tiny palapa on our roof, and it’s amazing (although I’m looking forward to the day I have stairs instead of a rickety aluminum ladder). Up north I have wherever I can set up my laptop and spread out my materials — and honestly, it’s totally adequate. The key thing, and the biggest challenge, is the child care. I know the struggle is only a few short years, but those short years can be hella hard for a person needing to earn some dollar bills. For real, if I didn’t have the amazing luck to have this fantastic and generous friend, I would be crying a sad, sad tune right now as I turned down a contract that I really, really need.

But happy day!! I *am* that lucky, so here I am with a trailer/guest room of my own and time to work. I hope to squeeze in a bit more blogging too, since there are updates and things about how I’m GOING TO COLORADO IN 6 WEEKS OMG OMG OMG. I’m still reeling that it happened/is happening/holy shit/I’m so freaking excited. On the docket of things I might or might not write about: still raising money but need to update my budget/keep hustling, weaning is hard, my parents are keeping the kids for the 2 weeks I’m away so I will get to sleep through the night maybe for the first time in like 100 years, why is my husband so incredibly handsome & generally awesome? (a rhetorical question), why cloth diapers and wool covers make me so happy even though the world is going to hell in a handbasket anyways, and how I finally watched Bird Box and my husband lost his crush on Sandra Bullock (spoiler alert: too much yelling and many unanswered questions). Peace out.

2 thoughts on “a room of one’s own

  1. If you obsess about planners (I do) then be warned that the Hobonichi cousin is pretty much the most perfect planner in the world. Weekly section for the planning part and daily pages which lend themselves to any and all random ruminations.


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